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Majesco calls it quits

Posted by inpheaux on January 19th, 2006 at 1:07 pm

We've previously reported on the shaky ground Console & PC game publisher Majesco Games has been on over the course of the past year. From massive stock problems, to funding problems, to class action lawsuits brought on by their stockholders, to backing games that just didn't do well. Well, it seems Majesco has had enough.

Yesterday, Majesco announced that they're pulling out of the big leagues when it comes to publishing. They sold off the rights to some of their games about a month ago, and as part of yesterday's announcement, they added that they've outright cancelled nearly all of their expected 2006 releases, including such games as Taxi Driver and Demonik.

Majesco is expected to go back to doing what they used to be good at: waiting for good handheld games to get old, buying the publishing rights for cheap and re-issuing the games at budget prices. This is how they used to make money back before they thought they could do real publishing.

While it apparently didn't work out for them, I'm really glad Majesco tried being a real publisher. Specifically, I liked them because they were risk-takers. The industry is full of companies like EA who are too afraid to take a risk on games that aren't sure-bets, games like Psychonauts which Majesco saved from certain doom. Unfortunately, they were a bit over-eager in taking on such games, and you just can't run a company that way. But they were on the right track. We need more publishers willing to take risks. You guys don't have to fund 100% long-shot experimental games, but gee, it'd sure be nice if we didn't continue on the path we're on now, where 90% of games being released are the 5th or 6th iterations of longstanding series.

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