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End of the Universe Imminent: Sonic joins the Smash Bros lineup

Posted by inpheaux on October 10th, 2007 at 9:10 am

As if there wasn't enough going on today. The Orange Box, Radiohead's online release of In Rainbows, a new Wii firmware (USB Keyboards!) and now this.

Yes, the endlessly recurring rumor of "OMG IF YOU DO [insane/impossible thing] IN [a Smash Bros game] IT TOTALLY UNLOCKS SONIC!!1!1!1" is now real. No movelist yet, just an announcement and some screenshots. There's also a video at that link to introduce him, and there's another one over here, but it doesn't actually involve Sonic at all, it's just a video that was shown at the same event where this was announced.

Based on how they've done updates in the past, we might see a movelist update tomorrow or Friday, or we might get something even bigger, or we might get an incredibly important update about something irrelevant like the home-run bat.

Update: Looks like there's more news and it doesn't look good. We might have a delay on our hands. At the event Nintendo held in Japan yesterday / today (depending on your timezone), they announced a month-and-a-half delay for Japan. The game is now slated to launch over there on 24 JAN 2008. Over on the US site the release date (expected to be 3 DEC 2008, if Reggie's E3 keynote is to be believed) and the MSRP are still listed as TBD. I hope they get the release date stuff cleared up, and I really hope they don't wait for next week's E for All to drop a bomb like that.

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