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PC Gaming really extra not-dead: Spore dated, 7 SEP 2008

Posted by inpheaux on February 12th, 2008 at 2:34 pm

It's apparently "announce a bunch of stuff" day over at EA. First the Mass Effect PC release slated for May, now this, the first solid release date for Spore.

7 SEP 2008

From the press release:

"The wait is almost over," said Maxis Chief Designer Will Wright. "We're in our final stages of testing and polish with Spore, and the team at Maxis can't wait to see the cosmos of content created by the community later this year."

EA says they've got a simultaneous release lined up, targeting PC, Mac, DS and Cellphone platforms. Well, now that we've got a date, the only questions left are "Will it really get released on time?" and "Will it remotely meet expectations?" Hopefully both answers end up being yes, but with a game that's been so frequently delayed it's tough to have high hopes at this point.

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