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Blizzard announces Titan Quest 2 Diablo III

Posted by inpheaux on June 28th, 2008 at 3:06 pm

Welp, it looks like the one time I decide to sleep through a Blizzard announcement (I was dead-set convinced all the people saying "NO GUYS LOOK, THE EYES IN THE ICE IMAGE TOTALLY LINE UP WITH THIS DIABLO III BOX ART I MADE" were complete crackpots, and was sure that all the ice was going to mean "aces, more crappy Wrath of the Lich King news"), it turns out to be one worth getting out of bed for. Yes, after eight years of speculation Diablo III is here, ready to consume our social lives and destroy our mice.

Here's what we know so far, mostly condensed from Blizzard's great big Diablo III FAQ:

Diablo III
Genre: 3D Isometric Action/RPG
Release Date: When It's Done
Platform: Simultaneous PC/Mac release

Setting: Still on Sanctuary, the setting of Diablo I and II, 20 years after the vanquishing of Baal in D2X. Only returning character we know of is our good friend Deckard Cain (though he won't be sticking around long enough for us to stay awhile and listen, he's apparently the first casualty of the new wave of hell beasts . . and anyway, shouldn't he be like 90 or something by now? What the hell is the average life expectancy on Sanctuary?). It's unclear right now who our actual enemy will be, but Hell will obviously be involved to some extent. Probably also that glowy bitch Tyrael.

Classes: Five classes total, only returning class we know for certain right now is the Barbarian. The only new class right now is the Witch Doctor, who sounds a lot like the Necro. If they replace the Necromancer outright I am going to get mad on the internet. To make those five classes feel a little less constricting, you'll get to pick between male and female versions, though the difference will be purely aesthetic. This means things aren't looking too good for the Amazon, cause . . uh . . why would you have a male Amazon?

Engine: Brand new engine, fully 3D, features Havok Physics. Will this mean no more randomization, making the game like Titan Quest? We don't really know, they're sorta tight-lipped about that right now, but the handful of screenshots don't look very randomized. Instead they just look like a lot of bridges.

Media: Everything's over here. Blizzard's got about 50 concept art scans, 30 screenshots, 3 different trailers (cinematic, gameplay, artwork) and some random wallpapers for you to examine.

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